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Your guests will beg you for your ollo Bruschetta and Grilled Calamari recipes. Pamper your family every day of the week with the grove fresh taste of Mild & Mellow or Fresh & Fruity recipes.

Mild & Mellow Recipes

Delightfully sweet and soft, ollo Mild and Mellow enhances any meal. Be creative with your cooking style and add ollo's subtle flavour to your favourite dish.

Fresh & Fruity Recipes

This rich and distinct oil has characters of fresh green apples and olive aromas. Deliciously flavoursome, ollo Fresh and Fruity olive oil complements any dish - particularly grilled seafood, poultry and warm salads.

Chef-Created Recipes

We asked prominent Chefs to create recipes that highlight the subtle flavours of Fresh & Fruity or Mild & Mellow ollo Extra Virgin. Some of the best results are featured here.



Share a Recipe

Got a recipe you want to share with other ollo enthusiast? Post it here. If we like it, we’ll feature it in our Ollivier section.




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