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Chef-Created ollo Recipes: Beach Bistro

The Real Olive Martini

Pepper vodka
Splash vermouth
Spoon of two oils—Fresh & Fruity and Mild & Mellow
Garnish with cracked pepper

ollo Surf and Turf

60ml V-8 juice
15ml of clam juice
10ml bouillon broth
45ml vodka
Dash of Worcestershire sauce
Squirt of Tabasco Sauce
Beef jerky garnish
Fresh & Fruity spooned on surface

Roasted Tomatoes

8 Roma tomatoes
2 sprigs thyme, rosemary and tarragon
3 cups of ollo olive—Fresh & Fruity and Mild & Mellow

Half the tomatoes and remove the seeds. Season them with salt and pepper. Submerge the tomatoes in ollo olive oil in a baking dish. Add the herbs. Cover and cook at 240º for 40 minutes.

Remove from oven and drain and conserve oil for poaching salmon of beef recipe (see below).

Pan-Seared Grouper Garnished with ollo Olive Oil, Meyer Lemon and Opal Basil

Slice grouper into thin (1/2 inch) filets and season with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. Pan-sear grouper filets in Fresh & Fruity ollo olive oil. Pour small pool of ollo olive oil in center of plate and sprinkle Meyer lemon zest over the oil. Plate the grouper and garnish with opal basil and a squeeze of Meyer lemon.

Maple and ollo Kissed Prawns

Mix 1 cup of Mild & Mellow ollo olive oil and add 1/3 cup of real maple syrup. Peel and de-vein five 10-20 sized prawns. Season the prawns with salt and pepper and brush with Mild & Mellow and maple syrup mix. Grill until done. Trickle plate with chimichurri*, Mild & Mellow and maple syrup.

*Common recipe

Lamb with ollo Grilled White Asparagus

1 rack of lamb, cut into single chops
White asparagus, blanched
1/4 cup of Mild & Mellow ollo olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
Fresh rosemary sprigs
Porcini mushroom dust from dried porcini mushroomsMethod

Season chops with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. Massage a sprinkle of porcini rub into chops. Brush ollo olive oil and place on grill. Cook to medium rare and remove to a holding pan. Toss asparagus with ollo, salt and pepper in a medium size bowl and mark on grill. Garnish plate with ollo and trickled lamb juices from pan and a fresh rosemary Poached

Filet of Beef or Salmon

2 oz medallion of tenderloin (½ inch) —or— 3 oz piece of salmon (½ inch)
ollo olive oil reserved from roasted tomato preparation (see above)Method
Put reserved ollo oil in shallow, heavy skillet or a roasting pan. Bring temperature to 170º F. Season beef or salmon and place in the oil. Poach salmon for 3 minutes/beef for 6 minutes. Plate and garnish with a drizzle of the oil.

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About the recipes

Recipes created expressly for ollo by Sean Murphy, Chef/Owner Beach Bistro Anna Maria Island, FL

The Beach Bistro has one of the highest Zagat food and service ratings in the state of Florida and seven-time recipient of Florida Trend magazine’s Golden Spoon Award.